It's time to come home to your body, end the 
battle and find food freedom, once and for all.

Start your 21 Day Food Freedom & 
Body Love Meditation Journey

When I started my journey to recovery, I was so disconnected from my body. 

That's what happens when you hate your body. Food was my coping mechanism for was my drug of choice. 

For so long I tried to 'think my way out' of emotional eating. I would read all the books, listen to all the podcasts and consume as much content as humanly possible. 

This was making everything worse. I can remember saying to myself "I know ALL THE THINGS, yet nothing is working!"

Do you feel me on this? 

You know exactly how to end emotional eating yet, for some reason - it feels impossible?

That's because you're trying to put a bandaid on a bullet wound - trying to heal an internal issue with external solutions. 

If you don't know where to start, start here. 

I'll be in your ears guiding you throughout the next 21 days - let's move through this, once and for all. 

This mediation journey is normally $47, but we are currently offering it for $27 to make it more accessible, so let's find some peace and get our meditation on!

“I’ve had the incredible fortune to be coached by Samantha at her live events, within the Society, and at one of her retreats. Working with her has been nothing short of life changing. I’m finally free of the eating disorder, and the terrible thoughts that went along with it, that ruled more than 18 years of my life!” - Chelsey Luren Dixon
“Retirement hit me hard both physically and mentally. Working with Samantha totally changed my life! I learned to love myself, my body, and to get out there and enjoy all the things I had been missing. Over the past nine months, I have released almost 70 pounds and become a new person!” - Shelby McNamara
“Hungry for Happiness helped me reconnect with my intuition, my body, and feelings around food. I can no longer put food in my mouth without being mindful, without knowing whether or not I am hungry or eating for emotional fulfillment. It’s now my choice and no longer a “mindless” act.” - 
June Kamerling 
“EVERYTHING has changed in my life since working with Hungry for Happiness! I love myself right where I’m at. I now have the awareness, knowledge, and tools to get me through my emotions and to deal with things as they come up without turning to food. My heart is forever grateful to Samantha!” - Lindsay Armitage
The more I quieted the constant noise and allowed myself the time and space to commune with my body and soul, the less I turned to food to numb out.

Coming home to myself through silence, introspection & self love truly helped me heal my relationship to food and my body, which is why I’ve created the 21 Day Food Freedom & Body Love Meditation Journey.

If you’re ready to tune out the noise, guilt, shame, and pain and tune in to your highest, best, and most authentic self...

Here's what's included in the meditation series...

Access to a private meditation series membership site where you can listen to and/or download the 21 meditation audios. 

I will lead you through 21 days of guided meditations with topics designed to help you get to the root of your struggle with food and body. 

This awesome range of transformational topics will cover things like feeling safe in your body, trusting yourself, the power of choice, and forgiveness, just to name a few. 

Each topic comes with a mantra to help you integrate the work into your day to day life

You'll also be granted access to my private Facebook group, so you can connect with others, seek support, and share your experience with the meditation series. 
Meditation: Objections/FAQs
#1: I don’t have time.
If something is a priority, you will make time for it. I know there are only so many hours in the day, but take inventory of how you spend your time. Sleeping late? Netflix binges? Mindlessly scrolling through social media? Determine your real priorities. 

Meditation is an amazing way to invest in yourself and commit to your own healing and transformation. I can’t think of a better priority than that!  
#2: I don’t know how to meditate.   
There is no “right” or “wrong” way to meditate - it’s about finding a practice that feels good to you. Most meditation practices do have a few things in common, like stillness, silence, and breath. Those are good places to start. From there, you can experiment to find what aligns with you. Do you prefer silent meditation, or do you like listening to guided meditations? Do you like to sit in a chair? Or on the floor? Or lie in bed? There are no rules for meditation, it’s about connecting with yourself in a way that feels good. 
#3: I can’t shut off my brain/stop thinking.  
I totally understand - my brain can go a million miles a minute if I allow it. Meditation takes practice. The more you set aside the time and space to quiet your mind and just be, the easier it will become. Give yourself at least two weeks of daily meditation to work on this. Try starting meditation by focusing on your breath - this way you’re giving your mind something to focus on, but you’re not thinking of something specific.  
#4: Meditation is too “woo woo” for me.  
This is all about perspective. I’m sure some people use meditation as a way to commune with aliens or fairies, but then some of us use it as a way to commune with ourselves. Stillness and silence is not woo woo, it’s a practice in self-care. In a world where you’re expected to go, go, go every single day, taking a few minutes to just stop and be is not “woo woo,” it’s necessary for your well-being.  
#5: I get overwhelmed with trying to stick to a consistent meditation practice.
This is your all or nothing perfectionist coming out. Don’t view meditation as a chore that you need to do every single day, for an allotted time, and do it perfectly. It’s an act of self-love. It’s something you GET to do for yourself, so that you can transcend the daily grind and align with your highest, best, and most authentic self. Whether you meditate for 30 minutes, or just a few minutes, it’s about giving yourself that time and space, not how you do it. Show yourself some grace, and do what you can, when you can.  
#6: Meditation is against my religion.  
Meditation isn’t about a specific belief or faith. It’s just a tool that anyone can use--no matter their religion--to connect with their higher self or source, whatever that may be. And when you think about it, most religions use meditation in some way - whether that’s prayer, breathing techniques, meeting for worship, etc. 

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