The 5-Day Food Freedom Challenge

Is your obsession with food ruining your life? 

I've got you – let's do this together.

In 5 days, I will take you step-by-step and teach you everything you need to know about how to stop using food as a drug.

Hey Girl - I'm Sam!

I help women stop fighting with food.

Join me...

And a crap load (yup, that's A LOT)
of women who've thrown their hands up and decided to finally end the madness around food.
After all, life is too short to fight with Oreos, jafeeeel me?!

“I can't believe this challenge was free! I would have easily paid $997 for this. Sam gets right to the core of the issue – this stuff actually works” 

Christine Power

Wanna sneak peek?

(Of course, you do! I'm nosey too...)

Here is what we are going to cover in the challenge…

  • The #1 core issue that is causing you to use food as a drug
  • How to release the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm around food
  • How to finally feel peaceful and calm in your body
  • Why "f*cking with food" is keeping you overwhelmed and overweight
  • Oh and - I'll tell jokes along the way, because - why the heck not?

“Samantha is magic. I can't explain how free I feel not spending my entire life binge eating then feeling guilty for days after. You have my word – this shit works!”

Lesley Turner

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