What We'll Work On In The 5-Day Challenge

The 5 themes of this challenge are based on the foundation of how to end the struggle with food and your body – FOR GOOD.

I've spent nearly a decade working with thousands and thousands of women around the world on these issues. Overcoming the struggle in a real, sustainable way starts with:

Gratitude: When you are constantly fighting food and hating your body, you can get caught up in a negative mindset. You focus on everything that is “wrong” with you and needs to be “fixed.” We're gonna work together to start to shift that narrative by tapping into gratitude – for yourself, your incredible body, and your commitment to doing this work.

Expression: As adults, we can get so caught up in the daily grind and hustling for our worth that we forget to have fun, we forget to express ourselves. There is magic in losing yourself in the moment and being consumed by expression and creativity. Instead of filling the void you may be feeling with food, I'll help you fill it with something that lights you up.

Connection: So many of us go through life completely disconnected from the present moment, as well as our bodies. We're constantly borrowing grief from the past and trouble from the future – no wonder why we turn to food to quell our anxiety!! In this challenge, we're gonna work on connecting with yourself on a deeper level and anchoring into the present moment. Because here's the truth – when you're present, it's impossible to binge eat.

Trust: When I was stuck in my own struggle with food and body, I literally didn’t trust myself AT ALL. So I lived by life by fad diet rules that made me miserable…and what did I do when I was miserable?! I binge ate! it was a crazy cycle I couldn't break…until I learned to build trust with myself, and I'm gonna help you do the same.

Commitment: How committed are you to overcoming this battle? How committed are you to yourself? Mindlessly following the latest fad diet isn't commitment. Real commitment, the type that leads to healing and transformation, means following through to become the best version of yourself possible. So we're gonna get super clear on your commitment to yourself and your healing, and I'm gonna support you the whole way.

In 5 days, I will take you step-by-step and teach you everything you need to know about how to stop using food as a drug.

Hey Girl - I'm Sam!

I help women stop fighting with food.

Join me...

And a crap load (yup, that's A LOT)
of women who've thrown their hands up and decided to finally end the madness around food.
After all, life is too short to fight with Oreos, jafeeeel me?!

“I can't believe this challenge was free! I would have easily paid $997 for this. Sam gets right to the core of the issue – this stuff actually works”

Christine Power

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Here is what we are going to cover in the challenge…

“Samantha is magic. I can't explain how free I feel not spending my entire life binge eating then feeling guilty for days after. You have my word – this shit works!”

Lesley Turner

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