Hungry for Happiness Academy Coach Certification Program

Our Mission

To help the world heal from disordered eating and body image issues by addressing the underlying and individual emotional root causes that fuel the struggle with food and body.


Hungry for Happiness is about connection. We are the bridge between healing and happiness. Through our coaching services, products, and Coach Certification Program, we use our signature emotional and energetic coaching framework to help people experience true, sustainable transformation. We envision a world in which people no longer feel compelled to diet, have a strong connection to their body and its intuitive powers, and allow themselves to feel pain so that they can overcome it, come home to themselves, and finally live a life that lights them up.

About Samantha

Samantha Skelly is a 7-figure entrepreneur, sought after international speaker, best-selling author, and wellness coaching expert. As a leading authority on disordered eating and body image issues, Samantha has made it her life’s mission to empower women to overcome their struggles with food and body so they can live happy, authentic, and fulfilling lives.

Samantha’s mission was realized in 2014, when she founded Hungry for Happiness, a movement that helps people experience true transformation and happiness through trained certified coaches who utilize emotional and energetic coaching techniques. Hungry for Happiness has provided unique and accessible recovery resources to those suffering in silence. In 2018, Samantha launched her second company, Pause Breathwork, with a mission to unite humanity by helping people breathe, feel, and thrive.

Through her companies, Samantha has revolutionized the weight loss and self-help industries by providing sustainable solutions that challenge the “Band-Aids on bullet wounds” methodology that has long been the industry standard. She works with clients to examine the individual and underlying causes of food, body, and self-love issues, and in doing so, has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of women in over 30 countries around the world by helping them conquer their struggles once and for all.

Hay House author of the soon to be released Hungry For Happiness, and host of the popular Hungry for Happiness podcast, Samantha continues to spread her message and inspire thousands of people through her programs, worldwide international retreats, and motivational speaking engagements. Samantha has shared her mission on an international platform, with appearances on Global TV, Shaw, NBC, CBC, and BBC. She’s been featured in various publications, such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Elephant Journal, and The Prevail Project, and she’s also a monthly contributor on, one of the most well known addiction and recovery resources.

A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Samantha currently resides in San Diego, California. Through The Phoenix Foundation, the philanthropic branch of her company, Samantha supports efforts to fight human trafficking and help rescue and reintegrate trafficking victims in Cambodia and North America. She’s also a board member for Project True, a Vancouver nonprofit that provides support and resources to those suffering from disordered eating and body image issues. When she’s not challenging the weight loss and self-help industries or transforming lives, Samantha can usually be found indulging in tacos, playing on slip and slides, or dancing.

Meet The Team

The women behind it all. The Hungry for Happiness team is a melting pot of creatives, designers, directors, mentors, and strategists who enjoy taking action, optimizing systems, and communicating in GIFs. With over 20 years of experience, they work together to design, create, and produce heart-centered products that are clean, efficient, and effective.

  • Pam Przybylski

    Pam Przybylski

    Director of Business Operations

  • Brittany Pollard

    Brittany Pollard

    Director of Programs & Partnerships

  • Cheryl Hawrychuk

    Cheryl Hawrychuk

    Director of Enrollment & Mentorship

  • Paula Jensen

    Paula Jensen

    Director of Finance & Administration

  • Michelle Nuñez

    Michelle Nuñez

    Marketing & Operations Coordinator

Meet Your Mentors

Brielle Brasil

Brielle Brasil

Brielle is a certified Hungry for Happiness Food Freedom Coach. She is an independent, free-spirited woman that is passionate about helping people. Her main mission in life is to coach women to heal their relationship with food and their bodies. She is a cat lover, yogamaniac, traveler, and dancing queen. Her passion for her career is reflected in her personal life as she embodies the tools she teaches and values living a life of growth, connection and purpose.

Kari Whipkey

Kari Whipkey

Kari is the Founder of The Say My Name Project. She has run her own Personal Training business for over 10 years. She is a single mom of 4. Her purpose and passion is to serve women. Kari is a certified body and food freedom coach through the Hungry for Happiness Coaching Certification, as well as a certified mind/body wellness practitioner to help women with diet addictions in order to find connection with their bodies again.

Richelle Ludwig

Richelle Ludwig

Richelle Ludwig is a food freedom coach and certified Hungry for Happiness instructor.  She is a student for life and the seeker in her, led her on her own journey of healing from the inside out.  She loves introducing women to inner child work and teaching them that their fight with food is distracting them from the core of their pain but also their power.  She helps women who feel unworthy come back home to their body and end their fight with food by feeling again.

Stevie Wright

Stevie Wright

Stevie Wright is a Certified Body Image Coach, personal development junkie, healer, and coffee lover. She’s spent the last several years constantly working on herself to go from disconnected, playing small, and not ever feeling good enough, to free, empowered, and self loving. Stevie realized she wanted to help women do the same and now offers high level coaching to individuals and groups. Stevie also hosts transformational women’s retreats. Her mission is to help women ditch the drama with food for good and come back home to their bodies.

Heidi Bee

Heidi Bee

Heidi Bee is a certified food & Body Coach, Life Coach & personal trainer. She's obsessed with helping headbroken women win the food & body battle & reclaim their joy. After decades of her own personal body image issues, she became committed to shifting her struggles into celebrations and helping others create sustainable transformation by healing their emotionality. She owns JoyfullyBee who's mission is to help women BEElieve in their worth, BEElong in their Bodies & BEE 100% the highest, most authentic version of themselves. She offers group coaching & 1:1 coaching, along with a community of women called the Joy Vibe Tribe.

Stephanie German

Stephanie German

Steph German is a Hungry for Happiness certified self-love and body image coach specializing in helping sexual trauma survivors reconnect to their bodies. As a survivor herself, Steph is dedicated to helping other trauma survivors embody self-love, peace, and freedom. She is also a wife and mother who loves spending time outside at the beach or hiking with her family. Some of Steph’s favorite things include books, trees, coffee, rock n roll, and individual coaching.

Tawnya Ruiz

Tawnya Ruiz

Tawnya Ruiz is a Certified Hungry for Happiness Food & Body Coach. She’s a mama of three who resides in San Antonio, Texas. Tanya is passionate about helping women feel more confident and capable in their bodies and she especially loves to empower clients to ditch the mom-guilt, and live life on purpose!