Step 1: Select a time that works for you


I loved the focus on energetics and mindset. I’ve never really done a program or had coaching that focused so much on YOU as your business, and taking care of yourself in order for your business to prosper. Strategy is great but when you’re not taking care of yourself strategy doesn’t work.”

- Katey K.

“The Certification Program changed my life. It helped me embody the tools that I use with my clients and dig deeper into my personal healing. I’ve felt so much power and confidence in my ability to be a coach. I have the tools to help someone with body dysmorphia, perfectionism, and worthiness!

- Tori Sawchuk

“The HFH Certification Program has been phenomenal in taking my own personal development deeper and in teaching me how to share this information with the world. I love that the Certification Program walks with me on my own journey and walks me through how to effectively coach others in theirs.”

- Shawneen Walker

“Hungry for Happiness absolutely changed the course of my life. It massively shifted my paradigm and how I show up to my experience. Not only do I accept and love my body, but I look forward to treating it with respect, nourishment, and care. I gained the tools to view not only myself differently, but the entire world. For that, I am forever grateful. If I could, I would do this program a thousand times over.”

- Emily Bott

“Hungry for Happiness has impacted my life in more ways than I can count. This program paved the path for me to come back home to myself and remember who I am and what my soul came here to do. I now feel equipped to guide others on their healing journeys and feel confident that this is just the beginning for me. I am forever grateful to have found Hungry for Happiness!

- Ashley Perl

“This program has impacted the foundations of how I show up in my life. I feel so secure in my ability to show up for myself, and others, in a healthy way. I have such a deep love for myself and so much clarity around who I am. I am so excited and confident to start my journey as a coach. I feel ready, secure, and prepared for what's to come. This program passed any and all expectations I had. And trust me, I had high expectations!”

- Ginny Hoyt