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Want to work with a coach? Our directory includes both Hungry for Happiness Certified Coaches . You can search by name, contact information, credentials, location, and offerings to help you get started.

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Name Credential Location
Stevie Wright Stevie Wright Food & Body Los Angeles, CA United States
Sue Spencer Sue Spencer Food & Body,Other Ladner, British Columbia Canada
Erin Reiland Erin Reiland Food & Body,Love & Relationships Yosemite Lakes Park, CA USA
Melanie Dawn Melanie Dawn Food & Body,Love & Relationships Cloverdale, B.C. Canada
Melissa DeJoseph Melissa DeJoseph Food & Body Bryn Mawr, PA USA
Rebecca Wilson Rebecca Wilson Food & Body,Love & Relationships Pemberton, BC Canada
Taylor Cope Taylor Cope Food & Body Leetonia, Ohio United States