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Breathwork: A Path To Finding Your Authentic Self & The Meaning Of Life With Bryant Wood


My guest on today’s show, Bryant Wood, had a spiritual awakening at a very early age. He recalls feeling the presence of God in church and crying tears of joy. He was fully immersed in the experience and felt a deep connection to spirit. However, as he got older and entered into the “real world”, he gradually lost touch with that connection and started to build walls and armor around his heart. He became hardened and numb to his feelings, numbing himself with steroids and substance abuse in an attempt to cope with the stress of everyday life.

One day, Bryant had a profound realization that he would do anything to feel something else other than the existential sorrow and numbness he was experiencing. He activated the power of prayer and learned how to use breathwork as a tool for self-discovery, leading him down a path of transformation. He soon realized that by accessing his authentic self, or his “signature frequency,” as he calls it, he could begin to heal the karma from his past and live a more meaningful, purpose-led life.

Breathwork has helped Bryant reclaim his power and express his authentic self more fully. He now travels the world teaching people about the power of breath and how it can help us access our greatest potential for love and consciousness.

In this episode of the Sam Skelly Show, we dive deep into so many cool convos. We talk about the meaning of life, how to find our authentic selves, the power of prayer, and the future of breathwork and VR technology. Bryant is an absolutely incredible human being with so much wisdom to share, and I know you're going to love this episode! Especially if you resonate with some part of his story.

Listen in to hear Bryant share more on:

  • Practices to help people reconnect to Source/Divinity/The Universe
  • How to reclaim our power and express our authentic self with Breathwork
  • How to heal a sense of urgency & anxiety through awareness & somatic practices
  • The power of presence and awareness to make the world a better place
  • How we activate different energy codes in each other
  • The Key to true happiness
  • And so much more!

About Bryant Wood

Bryant is a Master Breathwork instructor, healer, and co-founder of Modern Nirvana. He’s also known as “iKAR”-The one who touches the sky, and is a global traveler who has immersed himself in enriching experiences. He has dedicated himself to the mastery of breath movement and energy practices and is fast becoming known as an expert in these fields of study. He is currently: Master Breathwork instructor Certified NLP Practitioner Certified Pranashamanic Yogi Certified Inclusive Mindfulness Certified Motivational coach Certified Mental Health Consultant through Kindred ​

iKAR has studied mindfulness in Buddhist Sanghas, learned from Sufi mystics, participated in week-long rituals with Ancient African IFA high priests, immersed himself in Tibetan Buddhism Tantra, and has sat and meditated and collaborated with some of the most famous Gurus of our time. He believes in direct experience through wisdom and beautifying this world through play, diversity, and knowledge. ​

iKAR offers sacred space rituals, workshops, and retreats around the world. Currently, iKAR works with 1:1 clients and travels the world as a public speaker sharing his wisdom. As the co-founder of Modern Nirvana, he is fully devoted to paving the way for a more enlightened world with the annual consciousness conferences hosted nationally.

He has been featured on Women's Health, ALO Yoga, PeopleTV, Forbes, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Spotify, Biohacking Conference, United Nations, Discovery inc, Daily Yoga App, and so many more. You can see him currently on the 2nd season of the hit Netflix show "The Circle", sharing his knowledge of the breath.

To learn more about Bryant Wood, visit his website or social media:

Instagram: @ikarwood


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