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Solo Jam: 3 Ways To Handle Ascension Symptoms & Upper Limiting


Today's episode is inspired by something I've personally been going through lately, and have seen showing up in our team, and also in the Pause community — and that's ascension symptoms and “upper limiting”.

If you're not familiar with the term, ascension symptoms are physical manifestations that can happen when you are going through a spiritual awakening or energetic expansion. And upper limiting is a term coined by Gay Hendricks, which refers to the way our bodies can freak out when we are expanding into our greatness and begin manifesting everything we've been calling in.

Personally, I've been experiencing extreme anxiety and some weird physical sensations in my body that almost feel like I'm sick. But I know it's just my body hitting its upper limit because my world is expanding in so many ways.

If you're also experiencing ascension symptoms or upper limiting, there are three things that have been so key for me, and may be helpful for you to get back into your body and reground yourself, and I'll be diving into those in this episode.

Plus you'll learn why ascension symptoms happen, and how to recognize when you're experiencing an upper limit.

So if you're ready to end the self-sabotage when things are going really, really well in your world, then this episode is for you.

In this episode, I’ll dive deeper on:

– What “upper limiting” is (a term first coined by Gay Hendricks)
– Why ascension symptoms happen & how to recognize them
– 3 practices to stay grounded & connected during an expansion
– How to avoid self-sabotage when things are going great
– How to release the fear of judgment or abandonment when you’re becoming more successful

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