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Binge Eating

How to Know if You Struggle with Binge Eating

One of the questions I’m asked quite often is, “How do I know I have a binge eating problem?” Sometimes it can be hard to determine if you are truly struggling with disordered eating or if you just really like food.   The first way to help figure out if

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Binge Eating Help: How to Stop Obsessing Over Food

I know the battle with food and your body is confusing and overwhelming. A big part of that battle is constantly obsessing over food. Calories in, calories out…good food vs bad foods…researching recipes, meal planning, and meal prepping.   It’s a lot.   So I’m gonna make it easy for

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How to Stop Food Addiction

A question I get asked a lot is, “Sam, how do I stop my addiction to food?”   When we’re stuck in the diet/binge cycle, we are constantly obsessing over food. How much to eat or not eat. What to eat (or not eat) to lose weight. “Good” food vs.

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Binge Eating Recovery

The first step to binge eating recovery is to know how to stop food addiction and binge eating habits. Below are five tips that are essential to finally overcoming the battle with food and your body.   #1 – Acceptance   We are ninjas at running away from our problems.

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Is School Stress Perpetuating Disordered Eating?

The stress of school can be intense – the deadlines, the social pressure and really not knowing where your life is going. ‘What am I doing with with my life’ is probably something you’ve muttered to yourself a few times here and there. When the stress of life and the

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Weddings & Weight Loss – The Struggle Is Real.

Weddings. As beautiful and luxurious as they are, they are the danger zone for starting a vicious diet cycle that you can’t end for years afterwards.  Women are almost expected to diet for their weddings, I have yet to come across a future bride that isn’t obsessing with ‘fitting into

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Numbing feelings with food?

Is food becoming the most common drug? Yes – it’s socially acceptable, yet for some of us, it’s our default when it comes to coping with stress. It’s no different that an alcoholic using alcohol and a drug addict reaching for drugs. Now, we normally just talk lightly over the

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