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Why High Achieving Women Develop Eating Disorders…

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As busy successful business women, we need to really take note of the relationship we have to food and our bodies. The nature of our personalities is to ‘do it all, be it all’ all the time. This constant need for over achievement and control can spin us into dysfunctional relationships with food and our bodies.
Often our hyper demanding schedules can take precedence and our intrinsic need for self care and self love doesn’t take priority. The potential of these behaviours perpetuating into disordered eating is high. As high-achieving busy women, we are constantly on the go, knees deep in projects, deadlines and demands. At times it feels like everything is spinning out of control. In order to meet our innate need for certainty, we control our food. We get used to the idea of analyzing and obsessing over our calories and treat it as a ‘new health kick
Rather than placing our need for self care in a pile of ‘if I have time it’s essential we rearrange our priorities so we can cater to our primal needs, like love and connection. Here are a few things to consider to prevent you from developing damaging relationship with food and your body.

  • Ask yourself when you find yourself overeating ‘What am I actually hungry forIt’s never about the food, we are always looking to fill an emotional void.
  • Notice the rules you’re enforcing on your diet. Where is the motivation coming from? If the motivation is coming from a place of fear and you’re essentially ‘running away’ from what you’re terrified from you’re going to end up resenting the journey and not creating a sustainable transformation.
  • Ask yourself ‘What is the relationship I have to trust’? If you trust yourself and develop an understanding with your body, the need for restricts and diets lays dormant. When we tune in and nourish our bodies from a place of health and hunger we will find peace with food and our bodies.

Establishing a solid foundation of love and acceptance within our bodies is our access point to unlocking a powerful place of peace and greatness we all have within us. Be aware, listen to your internal talk and always ask yourself…
‘What am I actually hungry for?’
Massive Love + Huge Hugs
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