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Binge Eating

diet culture

Diet Culture

So many women, again and again, find themselves caught up in the destructive multi-billion dollar diet industry. I wrote a whole article all about the truth behind the industry — you can read here. “Losing weight, getting healthy, and loving your body” have all been shoved down our throats by

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Emotional Eating in a Time of Crisis

The current state of the world can bring up so many emotions of fear, uncertainty, and confusion. I’ve been finding myself opening and closing my fridge more times than I need to just to deal with the chaos of my mind. I mindlessly rummage through the fridge, tempted to pick

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The Truth Behind the Diet Industry

Dieting. It’s the age-long method of losing weight, getting healthy, and loving your body. Right? Over the last few years, the truth behind the diet industry has begun to unravel. The lies within the industry are being uncovered as society moves away from traditional stances on the idea of dieting.

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Stop Obsessing Over Weight Loss

I get the obsession with weight loss and the number on the scale. I truly do. That was my life for so many years. I wrapped up all of my significance in how much I weighed and how I looked. It’s also what caused me to try (and fail) over

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Eating Healthier Made Easy

I know that when it comes to losing weight and eating healthy, it can be super overwhelming. There are so many competing methods out there. So many fad diets with different sets of rules and meal plans and dos and don’ts. It’s enough stress and confusion to make anyone throw

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What is Binge Eating Costing You?

If you’re reading this blog, it’s safe to assume that you struggle with binge eating and body image issues. But have you ever really dug into how deeply your pain goes, and how it affects all other facets of your life? I know for me and the hundreds of clients

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Can't Stop Binge Eating?

“I can’t stop binge eating!” Back in the day, when I was a personal trainer (and struggling with my own disordered eating on the sly), this was something I heard frequently from quite a few of my clients. And it sucked, because I didn’t know how to help them. Back

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Identifying Triggers

Emotional triggers are what lead us to turn to food for comfort. Triggers can be a certain person, place, or situation. They hijack our body and experience, and can make us feel anxiety, pain, stress, overwhelm, or a bunch of other sticky feelings that we’d rather numb with some Netflix

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We Botched the Basics

Humans have done such a brilliant job at fucking up the three most basic things in life:   How to eat. How to feel. And how to breathe.   The truth is that we were born with everything we need to heal our bodies and be in a state of

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It’s Time to Stop the Body Hate

I recently had this realization – you don’t hate your body, you hate the FAT on your body.   We are so quick to criticize, hate, and berate our bodies. We are so quick to shame and blame them, because we are taught, as a society, if our bodies aren’t

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