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Is School Stress Perpetuating Disordered Eating?

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The stress of school can be intense – the deadlines, the social pressure and really not knowing where your life is going.
‘What am I doing with with my life' is probably something you've muttered to yourself a few times here and there. When the stress of life and the need to be in control of our lives at such a vulnerable and fragile stage affects our happiness, it's possible to develop ideas that we aren't enough. When the belief of not being enough is rooted in our subconscious, we then look for answers to support that belief. When we don't feel enough we act out in various ways, all too often we use food as coping mechanism for not feeling enough.
You turn to food for that instant bio-chemical state change – it's instant and feels good temporarily. As soon as food loses it's charge energetically, you are riddled with shame and guilt for turning to food to numb the feelings that were coming up for you. What happens next? You're being pulled to diet and to ‘make up for' the perceived damage that you caused.
How good would it feel not to have to go through this unneeded cycle? How liberating would it feel to not use food as a drug, and rather for health and hunger instead? How much more mental clarity would you have to focus on the things that truly bring you joy and ease?
When you are feeling stressed about projects, deadlines or social pressure I want you to first focus on gratitude. What am I truly grateful for? Gratitude derails binge eating and emotional eating; when we drop into our bodies and focus on all the things we have in our lives that we feel blessed about we are about to access more joy, more ease, more bliss…
Practise self care – so often as women we put ourselves last. We do everything else in life first, then leave a little bit of time (if we are lucky) to nurture ourselves. This needs to be flipped on it's head. Focus on YOU first. Focus on honouring your needs and doing what feels good for you. For instance, having a morning ritual.
This is mine…

  • 20 minutes of meditation
  • 20 minutes of writing out my goals and visualizing
  • 20 minutes of movement (yoga, stretching, running etc)

When I start my day first with honouring my body and mind, life comes at me with so much more ease.
You time is now.
Massive Love + Huge Hugs,
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