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Weddings & Weight Loss – The Struggle Is Real.

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As beautiful and luxurious as they are, they are the danger zone for starting a vicious diet cycle that you can't end for years afterwards. 

Women are almost expected to diet for their weddings, I have yet to come across a future bride that isn't obsessing with ‘fitting into the dress' (are they intentionally bought a few sizes smaller for added pressure?) 

Being on a diet without the added stress of everything else weddings bring are enough to throw someone into an fit of fury and anxiety. You diet, and diet and diet and get down to the smallest possible size you can before the wedding. You feel great on the day after a journey of hell to get there – then what happens? All hell breaks loose and you start to binge on the foods you felt so deprived from leading up to the big day. 

Then for months, maybe years after you're aiming to achieve that ‘ideal' weight. The weight you landed on for a mere 8 hours during your wedding day. It's almost like the whole fitness competition industry – months of hell for a few hours on stage to compete and show the judges how hot you look. Except, the judges are just your friends and family.

Why do we do this? There is another way and it involves a little more ‘inner game' work.

Honouring and listening to your body from within is going to be the gateway to not spin yourself into the downward vicious cycle. Learning to eat when we are hungry, stop when we are full and having the self love to eat foods that will serve you at the highest level. This is not a diet, fear based way of operating. This is from love, loving your body, enjoying the journey and feeling fucking fantastic throughout the entire process.

Achieving your ideal body from a place of love and power is the access point to long term sustained health and wellbeing.

Are you ready to finally end the struggle?

Massive Love + Huge Hugs


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