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Episode 004: How Rage Can be Our Superpower with Kelsey Grant


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In this episode, Kelsey Grant and I touch on a super important topic of women who don’t acknowledge and allow themselves to feel angry and to process anger effectively. So often we’re walking around this planet with so much suppressed anger, rage and emotion. That stuff needs to be cleared and processed because it’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just emotion information. Once we allow ourselves to clear that, we get to experience those higher vibrating emotions of bliss, freedom and liberation in our bodies.


Kelsey Grant is a Love and Relationship Educator who runs an organization designed to help men understand women and women understand men.   Currently, she's teaching “A Year Of Love” her flagship relationship program, and producing her one day event "Get the Love Worth Having" with her incredible team. Together, with her team, they're dedicated to teaching men and women how to attract and keep high quality love and high value relationships worth having.  

Inside this episode

  1. Falling in love with ourselves first.
  2. Partnership Vs Relationship
  3. Moving through anger and its relation to aggression.
  4. Allowing our emotions equal exposure.

What you'll hear:

  • 5:21 Connecting to yourself and learning what it’s like to love yourself.
  • 8:20 A deep explanation of partnership vs relationship.
  • 16:00 Consciously dating and setting boundaries.
  • 22:45 How to use movement as an effective way to release.
  • 35:00 Giving your emotions stage time to fully be acknowledged.
  • 42:03 How we unconsciously choose to re-experience childhood wounds.

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