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Episode 14: Creating a Morning Routine from Love with Cole Bombino

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Cole Bombino
Today’s episode is all about love and for those of you guys that know me, this is literally my favorite topic ever. Cole really teaches us how to infuse more love in our lives. She talks about her morning love rituals, the essence of what self love actually is and what it feels like in our body. It doesn’t matter if you have five minutes or two hours to do a self love ritual. It is so important to anchor in that energy in our bodies on a regular basis.

About Cole Bombino

Cole Bombino is a Love Coach, Healer, and Love Intuitive. She has coached thousands of women around the world, and has been the spark to open up their hearts so they can finally have the love that they desire. She has an incredible capacity to love and is recognized for her ability to teach women how to tap into their power.

Inside this episode, Cole shares

  1. How to feel self love on a visceral level.
  2. Increasing productivity while surrendering and releasing control.
  3. Her experience with breaking through restriction and binge eating.
  4. What happens when we shift from scarcity to abundance.

What you'll hear:

  • 8:12- Peeling back the different layers of self love.
  • 18:11- How to create a personalized morning ritual.
  • 25:06- Connecting to our bodies through movement.
  • 33:02- How high achievers can learn to soften and surrender.
  • 41:02- Being productive in a feminine space.

You can find more about Cole at:   Join the Hungry For Happiness community for more!

Meet Samantha Skelly

Samantha Skelly is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and emotional eating expert who has revolutionized the weight loss industry by examining the individual and underlying causes of eating disorders. She has shared her mission on an international platform and continues to spread her message and transform the lives of thousands of people through the Phoenix Formula, motivational speaking engagements, the Hungry for Happiness podcast, worldwide international retreats, and her Amazon best-selling book, Hungry for Happiness: One Woman’s Guide From Fighting Food to Finding Freedom.