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EP 045: Changing Your Inner Dialogue with Lauren Zander

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This episode is all about taking personal responsibility (which I love) and shifting out of victim mentality, which I also love. Lauren breaks down the steps we can take to truly shift our inner dialogue and get it to work for us, rather than against us.

About Lauren

Lauren Zander is a life coach, university lecturer, public speaker, and the Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel Group®, an international coaching company based in New York City. She is the author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life (Published by Hachette Book Group, April 2017) and has spent over 20 years coaching thousands of private and corporate clients from around the world.

In this episode, Lauren shares:

  • 8:07- One major reason we block our transformation.
  • 16:45- How to change the narrative of our blocks and change the way we view significant memories.
  • 27:40- The different ways we lie to ourselves and others and how to notice when it’s happening.
  • 30:30- Why we protect our inner dialogue, even when it keeps us stuck.
  • 29:56- How to recognize when we’re living in truth vs following a fantasy.

You can find more of Lauren at:

Website: Facebook: Instagram: @handelgroup

Meet Samantha Skelly

Samantha Skelly is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and emotional eating expert who has revolutionized the weight loss industry by examining the individual and underlying causes of eating disorders. She has shared her mission on an international platform and continues to spread her message and transform the lives of thousands of people through the Phoenix Formula, motivational speaking engagements, the Hungry for Happiness podcast, worldwide international retreats, and her Amazon best-selling book, Hungry for Happiness: One Woman’s Guide From Fighting Food to Finding Freedom.