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Why is loving yourself so challenging sometimes? In this episode, I had on Katrina Ubell, a former pediatric physician who now helps physicians prioritize their health and achieve permanent weight loss. She is a Master Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach and has seen herself the struggles that come from being busy, overwhelmed and not prioritizing yourself. We talked about her own journey of relearning how to eat when she was hungry and stop when she was full. Katrina and I discuss putting your mental health before your body image, how she learned to love herself unconditionally and how she stepped away from the need to control.

About Katrina Ubell:

Katrina Ubell is a Master Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach and host of the popular Weight Loss for Busy Physicians Podcast. After completing her pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Dr. Ubell worked in a private pediatric practice for over 10 years during which time she gained and lost 40 pounds again and again. She finally solved her overeating and weight problem without surgery, pills, unhealthy crash diets, or fitness apps and has kept it off for years. She has leveraged her experience as a pediatrician and as a mother to help other busy doctors prioritize their health and achieve permanent weight loss.

Inside this episode, Katrina shares:

  • How laughter is medicine
  • How nature makes Katrina feel most alive
  • What she’s done to step away from control and step more into safety
  • How she relearned eating intuitively when she was hungry
  • Why you have to prioritize your mental health over your body image
  • How Katrina got to a place where she unconditionally loved herself
  • Reframing what’s happening with you in a way that gives you the result you want

You can find more about Katrina at:

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