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Do you find yourself in a never-ending spiral of self-sabotage? You might not even realize you’re doing it but it could be hindering you from reaching your full potential. In this episode, I was joined by Erin Treloar to talk about all things self-sabotage. Erin is a celebrity health coach and the founder of Raw Beauty Co. and she shares the 4 reasons behind self-sabotage plus what you can do to break free from this cycle!

About Erin Treloar:

From anorexic teen to celebrity health coach and founder of Raw Beauty Co., Erin Treloar (pronounced Tra-lore) is helping women live healthier, more aligned lives built on a foundation of self love. Her own rocky relationship with food and her body led her on a journey to interview over 200 women in a #NoMakeup #NoPhotoshop #NoFilters series that sparked a global conversation. Today Erin’s program, The Raw Beauty Reset helps transform participants' relationship with food and their body. Based on four pillars —nourishment, movement, mindset and self love— the Reset takes participants back to the fundamentals of wellness for their unique body, teaching them to eat intuitively, create healthy habits, and build an empowering mindset that will support long-term holistic health. Erin has been featured in publications including Elle magazine, the LA Times and Marie Claire amongst others.

Inside this episode, Erin shares:

  • Who Erin is and why she’s an expert in self-sabotage 
  • The 4 reasons people self-sabotage
  • Why you have to slow down
  • Why you have to listen to those around you 
  • How women will always put themselves last 
  • Why you need to give yourself time to process

You can find more about Erin at:

Website | Instagram


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