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I am so excited to be sharing the conversation I had with guest Asil Toksal. Asil is a channeler and someone who brought me through a very transformative experience that truly changed my life. I knew I had to bring him onto the podcast to share all of his wisdom with you. In this episode, Asil and I explore the reality behind human suffering and how to get on your path to enlightenment. He shares how you can truly let love in, why you should avoid bypassing and what daily practices he uses to sharpen his vessel.

Inside this episode, Asil shares:

  • How he realized he had the power to channel beings
  • Sam’s experience with trauma from her past life
  • His message about the complexity of human experience
  • The difference between pain and suffering
  • Why some people choose to suffer 
  • How to let go of worry and fear
  • His advice on why bypassing pain won’t resolve your issues
  • Why you have to let go of the desire to transform and let love in
  • His daily practices for sharpening his vessel

About Asil Toksal:

Asil Toksal is an Austrian-born channel. His work includes group energy alignment sessions and the channeling of celestial guides, as well as working on the energetic alignment of sacred sites around the world. The goal of this work is to assist in the evolution of consciousness in humanity. He has traveled widely to do this work, throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

For the past eighteen years, Asil has been deeply committed to a spiritual path while also training in a variety of different energy healing modalities. He has worked with many masters and lineage holders of various traditions in South America, North America, and China. In his earlier years he also served as a CEO and corporate executive in software, marketing, and communications.

Five years ago, during a moment of deep spiritual experience, Asil connected for the first time to the channeled angelic guides and energies that he works with today. He was offered the opportunity to work closely with these guides, but he was asked to make the choice to let go of the prior traditions, rituals, and healing methods he had learned.

After making this choice, the guides assisted him through an intensive spiritual and energetic transformation process. This created a connection that allowed him to begin to receive and transmit energy, as well as spoken wisdom from these angelic and celestial realms. This connection forms the basis of his work.

He lives in Marin County, Northern California.

In 2019, to support his work, he created the not-for-profit 501c3, Ascension One Collective, Inc.

You can find more about Asil at:

Website | Instagram | Facebook


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