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My conversation with Maude Hirst is so transformative and I know her words and story will inspire you. I discovered Maude on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her vibe. Maude’s journey took her from a career as an actress to becoming a mindfulness teacher. This huge identity shift is one that many of us go through as we journey through life. In today’s episode, Maude shares her journey and how intuition and self-compassion helped her follow her soul’s journey. We also explore the role mindfulness, meditation and breathwork plays into tapping into that intuition. One of the most beautiful things that we can learn from her story is just giving ourselves the choice to always follow our soul’s curriculum and always follow our soul’s path no matter what happens.

Inside this episode, Maude shares:

  • How she transitioned from acting
  • Discovering the limitations we place on ourselves
  • Having a fluid sense of self
  • Her journey through yoga and meditation
  • How meditation can be liberating
  • The difference between intuition and critical thinking
  • Brain shifts that happen with practices such as breathwork and meditation
  • Dealing with your inner critic and having self-compassion
  • Discovering your true self

About Maude Hirst:

Maude Hirst is an actor, best known as ‘Helga’ on the History channel's multi award winning show VIKINGS and founder of the mindfulness company and Meditation App EnergyRise (, which specialises in tailoring the right practice to individual needs. Maude is a leading wellness practitioner based in London and runs a virtual members club for the mind, wellness retreats and teaches meditation, yoga, movement meditation and Theta Healing globally. She is an Ambassador for LuluLemon and leads meditation for Wanderlust. Coming from a life on screen, hiding behind scripts and characters, she found yoga and meditation to be the turning point of re-discovering and revealing her true strength. Her passion is to empower others to do the same. 

You can find more about Maude at:

Website | Instagram


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