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Are you looking to attract a long-term sustainable relationship that thrives? In this episode, I brought on my boyfriend Eric Moeller to talk about all things relationships. Eric and I give some background on our dating history including how we met each other, our chemistry, what we’ve learned from being together and more. You’ll also hear a deep dive into our coffee dates and how you can use this technique to build a thriving partnership that works.

Inside this episode, Eric and I share:

  • What we thought about our future when we first started dating
  • How we first got connected
  • How our chemistry was when we began dating
  • What we’ve learned from past relationships
  • How we’ve grown since being together
  • Why you have to get to know someone’s values
  • The biggest struggles in our relationship and how we get over them
  • Why we reduce technology to connect deeper
  • The 7 step agenda for our weekly coffee dates
  • How our relationship would be different if we both weren’t pursuing growth
  • Eric’s journey of becoming more emotionally connected
  • Our timeline for babies and marriage

You can find more about Eric at:



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