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Do you dream of creating an impact on the world? The power lies within your truth. In this episode, I spoke to my dear friend, societal visionary, counterculture poet, film director, speaker and facilitator Janne Robinson. Janne and I dive into how living in your truth can influence your life (and the lives of others) in a big way. We also discuss the current events of the world, relationships, friendships and the connection that we all desire.


Inside this episode, Janne shares:

  • The fear that comes from speaking your truth
  • How Janne handles disagreement
  • The driving of separation happening in the world
  • Why you should reframe “what am I getting” into “what can I give?”
  • The truth about sex, intimacy and relationships
  • How friendships can fulfill your need for connection and intimacy
  • A reading from her book, There’s Cobwebs on Her Vagina

About Janne Robinson:

Blunt, raw, and immediately accessible emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually to all who read her words —Janne Robinson is a societal visionary, counterculture poet, film director, speaker and facilitator who swings from the very first sentence. Robinson’s work as an artist and facilitator is to encourage people to become accessible to their truths. She believes that our world is sick—and truth is our medicine. You can order her first book and collection of poetry, “This is for the women who don’t give a fuck” here and her second book “There’s Cobwebs on Her Vagina” here. Watch her spoken word films here. Or you can follow slabs of her heart here.


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There’s Cobwebs on Her Vagina

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