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Do you want to live a life without limitations? In this episode, I was joined by nationally recognized spiritual guide and creator of The Limitless Soul, Kelli Mason. Kelli shares her personal experience of how she found better ways to express her energy and the impact of constant connection on your energy. We uncover how to unleash your soul’s true, authentic essence by cutting out the noise and how grief can deepen your soul connection.


Inside this episode, Kelli shares:

  • Healthy ways she found to express her energy
  • How being consumed and plugged in affected her energy
  • How to unleash your soul's essence by shutting down the noise of the world
  • Grief and sacrifice - essential tools for deepening our soul's connection
  • How to discern ego agenda from soul's desire
  • The vicious cycle of an outward focus on the world

About Kelli Mason:

Kelli Mason is an award winning hairdresser and nationally recognized spiritual guide. She is the creator of The Limitless Soul, an online and in person education company and Podcast. She is the owner of Lux Beauty & Wellness in her home town of Midland, Michigan where hair and healing come together in one space. Becoming a yoga teacher, reiki master, shamanic craniosacral therapist, and studying meditation with her mentor have inspired her to channel her own methods to support seekers on their path to liberation. Her enthusiasm for finding ways to integrate spirituality into business development has given her platforms to be a keynote speaker at top beauty industry events. Kelli has worked at and co-led several shows for New York Fashion Week styling hair for Ms. Universe, Karly Kloss, and Taylor Hill and her editorial work and articles on spirituality have been published in several magazines.

Kelli's passion is truly for helping others creatively expand their consciousness by becoming healthier mentally, physically, and spiritually. As a hairdresser and healer she has the opportunity to share these passions daily with her clients and peers through community offerings, mentorship, retreats, written and spoken word.

You can find more about Kelli at:

The Limitless Soul | Instagram


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