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Want to transform your fear into fuel for the ultimate transformation? In this episode, I had on Emma Zeck, poet, yoga teacher and a firm believer in the art of language and word magic as a tool to invoke deep ancestral healing. She and I chat about how to commit to being your most authentic self and how to cope with grief, loneliness and pain. We also talk about her identity as a creative and where it stems from. Emma opens up about how to get out of ruts and back into your creative zone of genius.


Inside this episode, Emma shares:

  • How she’s navigating the fear while leaning into it
  • Her commitment to authenticity
  • The process of using fear as your fuel source
  • Grief, loneliness & pain - how to cope when it feels too much
  • Her identity in the creative space
  • A remedy for the ‘constipated creative’ how to unblock & let it flow
  • Her relationship to external validation when it comes to her creative side

About Emma Zeck:

Emma Zeck is a poet, yoga teacher and firm believer in the art of language and word magic as a tool to invoke deep ancestral healing. She is a facilitator of women’s healing circles and through her work has guided hundreds of women from all over the world out of trauma and into their power. She believes her purpose on this earth is to inspire women through creative and healing arts to reclaim their innate divinity.

You can find more about Emma at:

Emma Zeck | Instagram

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