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Hacking Sleep, Using Pain as a Teacher & Tools to Heal Anxiety Holistically


In this episode, I spoke with siblings Angie and Mike Lee, co-founders of the multimillion-dollar company Soul CBD on natural healing, supporting your body with plant-based medicine, and the lessons in resilience that come from healing an autoimmune disease and boxing! Mike Lee shares his story of how he went from 8 different medications to manage chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, to thriving with the use of CBD. Finally co-founding the now super successful “Soul CBD” a THC-free cannabinoid alternative that won't get you high but will help you heal, with sister Angie Lee.

Inside this episode, Angie and Mike share:

  • Common misconceptions about CBD
  • How to support your health with CBD Oil and Plant Medicine
  • Improve sleep and lower anxiety by getting to know your lymphatic and nervous system
  • What boxing and autoimmune healing has to do with resilience, “getting back up”, and being an entrepreneur

About Mike and Angie Lee, Soul CBD co-founders:

Mike and Angie Lee are siblings, speakers, and founders of Soul CBD. Angie is a highly sought-after marketing mentor, keynote speaker, Forbes Top 100 Podcast host of The Angie Lee Show & serial entrepreneur. She is the author of Ready Is A Lie & creator of the top female personal development & business event, Pays To Be Brave.

Mike Lee is a world-ranked professional boxer who has fought in some of the world’s most iconic arenas like Madison Square Garden, Cowboys Stadium & The MGM Grand in front of millions of fans. In 2014 he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, ankylosing spondylitis, which kept him in and out of hospitals for over two years until he found the healing powers of CBD.

Together they created Soul CBD with the mission to help others dealing with anxiety and chronic pain providing relief and better living alternatives powered by CBD. Their 0%THC CBD products are third-party lab tested, backed by science, and serving a community of 7-million people.

You can find more about Mike and Angie Lee at:

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