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How to listen, follow & honor what your soul is here to do with Jenn Kennedy


Jenn Kennedy is an elementary school teacher turned seven figure CEO. She is here to shift the worldly dynamics for women and money. Her work as a business and money mentor is to help women live fully in their power, generate abundance and create the life of their dreams, all by leading a life of impact. Through various programs, experiences, and retreats, she guides women to align and activate as their most authentic self resulting in running a business on their own terms and having a heck of a lot of fun along the way.

Inside this episode, Jenn Kennedy shares:

  • Shifting the paradigm to power, freedom & abundance
  • How to listen, follow & honor what your soul is here to do
  • Tapping into the energetics of holistic, sustainable wealth

About Jenn Kennedy:

7+ Figure Leader & Activator, Energetics • Magnetism • Shifting the paradigm to power, freedom & abundance.

In this episode Jenn and Sam chat in depth about coming home. It's only by coming home to yourself and feeling the deeply rooted connection with self that we can receive limitlessness. Nothing can transform until we first create safety at the root of ourselves. Once we establish this trust and ground into the masculine and feminime energy, can you then bring your gifts powerfully to the world.

It gets to be easy, trust deeper and take inspired action each day by welcoming in play, connection and creating meaningful impact within yourself, with your clients and with the world. All wealth starts from within and Jenn is a beautiful embodiment of ease and impact.

You can find more about Jenn Kennedy at:

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