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How to Integrate Safely After Breathwork and Plant Medicine Journeys with Ben Holt


In this episode, you’ll get to experience the expansive power of “Dynamic Breathwork” for yourself as Ben guides us through a gentle visualization practice that releases all tension and stress from the body, so you can cleanse your energy, open your channel, and expand into a feeling of lightness and ease instantly.

Ben developed “Dynamic Breathwork” as his signature technique after moving to Asia in 2017 to master a plethora of modern and ancient healing tools. This of course was not always his life. Ben came from a world where hunting, fishing, and making money were prioritized over health and wellness, but after being introduced to plant medicine — his life was completely changed.

During a plant medicine apprenticeship, he soon realized that there were gaps in the process of integration, which led him to explore how breathwork could be used to support people to properly apply the lessons they learned in ceremonies to their daily life.

On this topic, Sam and Ben talk openly about why plant medicine and breathwork can be so debilitating and scary for some people, but they also offer actions you can take take to integrate massive up-levels in consciousness in a more self-consentual way, so you can ultimately experience the benefits of these medicines and connect more deeply to the core of who you truly are.

Inside this episode, Ben shares:

  • The importance of self-consent with breathwork
  • A practice to amplify your positive vision through breathwork
  • How to master increasing consciousness and integrate transformational experiences safely

About Ben Holt:

Ben Holt is a breathwork Specialist who hosts transformational retreats and facilitates Breathwork Facilitator Trainings for students all over the world. He’s also the creator of “Connect and Evolve”, an experiential program available both in-person and online that provides preventative healing, as well as full-spectrum wellness and spiritual growth.

He created a technique called “Dynamic Breathwork” which is a unique approach to facilitation that combines a plethora of healing modalities both modern and ancient that are personalized for each client he works with.

His mission is to help people access deeper layers of themselves in order to benefit humanity as a whole and to raise the collective consciousness and frequency on this planet. Through his powerful retreats and trainings, he helps people create health and wellbeing in themselves and gives them the tools to feel good, be of service, and live fulfilling lives.

You can find more about Ben Holt at:

Instagram | Website


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