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Solo Jam Session: Fear Vs. Intuition – How to Tell the Difference


Hello my loves! In this solo jam episode, we're gonna talk about the difference between fear and intuition. Because this is a question I hear asked again, and again.

And I get it, it can be hard to tell at first. But I have an amazing practice that can help you figure out whether it's your fear or intuition speaking to you so you can finally trust yourself.

Hint: The secret comes back to being in your body and gettin' intimate AF with your sensations of expansion and contraction in relationship to your truth.

To help you experience this for yourself, I'm going to walk you through an experience in this episode that will help you feel your clear YES and NO in your body. Because it's one thing to have a conceptual idea of a spiritual concept, but it's way more powerful in my opinion, to actually feel the sensations in the body.

Ya, feel me? (pun totally intended).

Ready to feel the difference between fear vs. intuition in your body so you can feel clear on your decisions now?

Listen to the episode to learn more on:

  • The simple & profound practice for telling the difference between fear and intuition
  • Why fear tries to keep us small (& how to keep expanding)
  • My powerful decisive decision making process


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