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Solo Jam Session – 4 Ways to Heal Heartbreak


Heartbreak is running rampant right now (unfortunately). Whether it’s relational, romantic, or heartbreak over the state of the world… If you're there feeling a rupture of the heart, I want you to know I see you and I honor you.

Experiencing heartbreak can feel so intense and nauseating. There's a deep feeling of just heaviness and sadness that oftentimes gets trapped in our bodies.

Maybe you feel overstepped. Like your boundaries have been crossed. You feel angry. Confused. And overwhelmed. The pain comes in waves.

And I know it can be tempting to judge your feelings.

To think:

“I shouldn't feel like this.”

“I should be stronger than this.”

“Why is this still affecting me?”

“Why am I so sensitive?”

But these self-judgments prevent us from actually healing.

What our heart truly needs right now is to be drenched in love in such a profound and big way that it allows us to open up to compassion as the pathway to healing.

In this episode, I’ll guide you through a powerful practice that can help you do just this. It will help you release the heaviness in your heart, and open up to deeper states of love, connection, aliveness, and lightness within minutes.

So that even if just for a moment, you can feel at peace and connected to your power.

Sound good?

In this episode, I’ll also dive deeper on::

  • The 4 ways to soothe the pain
  • How to use pain for deep healing & growth
  • How to stay in alignment while in pain

I sincerely hope this episode helps you (or someone you know) ease the pain of feeling heartbroken. Give it a listen to find relief today..


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