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The Gifts of Sacred Rage with Taylor Simpson


Do you want to know what’s crazy? Most of us weren’t taught how to process anger, grief, guilt, and shame. You know… the emotions that people label as “bad” or “crazy”. So what happens?… we suppress them (and our authentic selves) and end up creating lives that aren’t aligned at all.

My podcast guest today wasn’t taught how to process these emotions either, so she ended up creating a life that looked great on the outside, but awful on the inside.

In today’s episode, she shares the story about what happened when she decided to BURN it all down to the ground. She quit her 9-5. Divorced her then-husband, and enrolled herself in anger management and overeaters anonymous. Because she knew she needed to get help and stop living a lie.

These massive life shifts were just the beginning of the phoenix rising. After dedicating herself to the path of spiritual healing and her own personal development, she was connected with her soul mission and the sacred work she now offers.

She supports women to express their sacred rage, embody their chaotic feminine energy, and activate their sexual life force for more money, magnetism, and empowerment! And she believes that when we embrace ALL parts of our darkness, we’re able to shine our light even brighter and step into our calling and serve in a bigger way.

Be sure to give this episode a listen to learn how she got here, what she had to overcome along the way, and how you can get started too if you’re feeling called to activate your feminine energy, heal your emotions, and step into your purpose.

Taylor shares a few simple and easy practices you can get started with now.

Plus in this episode, she dives deep on:

  • How to turn our shadows into our super powers
  • How rage can be the biggest driver of transformation
  • And how to tap into our chaotic, yet brilliant feminine nature

About Taylor Simpson:

Taylor Simpson is a Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host, 5D & Quantum Field Mystic, Subconscious Mindset Hacker, and Spiritual Lightworker.

She helps women activate their wealth and sexuality!

Through her proven methodology of combining Neuroscience, Spirituality, and Mysticism, she helps women go from being stuck, knowing they’re meant for so much more, to stepping fearlessly into their Super Power.

She believes your Soul Higher Self has a mission. It’s time for you to remove the veil of limiting beliefs, past traumas, and fears that are keeping it from doing its thing – ie: serving powerfully. She’s here to help you uncover your Soul’s DNA Blueprint, reveal to you who your Highest Self truly is, which will then allow you to tap into the highest of frequencies that contain everything you desire within them – allowing your dream life to unfold effortlessly and with ease!

You can find more about Taylor Simpson at:

Instagram | Website


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