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How to Reconnect to Your True Nature Through Breathwork with Samson Odusanya


Breathwork found Samson 8 years ago when his life looked completely different. He was an E.R. tech in the medical field by day, and DJ/bartender by night. But he often wondered if he was contributing to society in a meaningful way. He knew something felt off. He was struggling with self-doubt, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Something called to him to dive deeper into himself. He craved to know his true nature and feel his aliveness as a human being.

This calling led him to the path of personal development. He binged on books and seminars, and surrounded himself with growth-minded people. Until he noticed that his intellect could only take him so far, and that he was ready for a more embodied experience of knowing himself.

This is when breathwork came into his world. After his first 45 minute session at a yoga studio in Santa Monica, he was hooked, and had never experienced anything like it before! It helped him open up to his emotions, and lead with his heart, body and intuition. He had no clue that something as simple as breathing, something that he did every day without consciously thinking, could be the one tool that led him to the deepest self realization he had ever experienced.

Now he supports others on their journey of health, wellness, and fitness, and uses breathwork to help them experience their true nature.


In this episode, Samson Odusanya shares:

  • How he got out of “heady” personal development and into embodied transformation
  • How breathwork helped him feel his emotions as a man and lead with his heart
  • The different ways to express emotions in a healthy way (and why labeling the experience can sometimes disrupt healing)

About Samson Odusanya:

Samson is a wellness specialist, health and fitness coach, and breathwork facilitator. He supports people to connect to their breath, build their bodies, and free their minds.

You can find more about Samson Odusanya at:



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