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How to Create High Quality Female Friendships with Angie Lee



I am PUMPED to have one of my besties, Angie Lee, on the podcast to talk about all things female friendships (especially as we get older!). I think to some degree we all have sisterhood wounds that come from being hurt by girls growing up.

Maybe you’ve experienced female friends as being catty, mean, inauthentic, or jealous? But as you get older, there’s still a deep longing to have high-quality women in your life who see you, support you, and honor you for YOU? Ya, feel me?

I’m here to tell you my love, that it is SO possible to have healthy friendships with women, but it takes work. You have to be willing to BECOME the type of friend you wish to have. High-quality relationships of any kind require you to be authentic to who you are and become an excellent communicator.

Because let’s be real… feelings get hurt in any relationship, but what matters most is how do you repair and reconnect afterward.

What I love about this episode is that we give you examples of how to have courageous conversations with friends when you feel hurt, and how to set really clear boundaries and expectations first.

Not only that but we answer a question that comes up a lot in the Pause Community, which is “Should I stay or should I go?”. This question comes up not only in friendships, but in romantic relationships too when one of you is growing and the other isn’t doing the work. Tune in to this episode to hear what we have to say on this topic! (It will help you find so much clarity!)

Plus Angie and I also dive into:

  • Why quality over quantity matters in friendships.
  • What makes a good friend and how you can be a better one.
  • How to reconnect after you've been hurt by a friend.

There’s seriously so much juicy goodness in this episode if you’re craving great girlfriends that embody both playfulness and depth!

Be sure to give it a listen!

About Angie Lee:

Angie Lee is a vivacious marketing maven who's found her soul's calling in helping women kick ass. Angie is a highly sought after marketing mentor, motivational speaker, professional podcaster, serial entrepreneur & author of Ready Is A Lie. She is the Co Founder of Soul CBD Creator of the #1 female personal development & business event in the United States: Pays To Be Brave & Host of the Forbes Top 100 Business Podcast: The Angie Lee Show. Angie's genius is teaching women how to make friends with fear & make money doing what they love in a motivational, fun & approachable way.

You can find more about Angie Lee at:

Instagram | Website


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