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How To Feel Alive and Create Aligned Business Success With Jaclyn Shaw + Robyn Savage From Fem/Me


In this episode, we'll be discussing how to feel alive in life and create aligned business success with the powerhouse duo, Jaclyn Shaw and Robyn Savage from the FEM/me brand.

They share their story about dismantling their previous multiple 6-figure brand because it no longer felt in energetic alignment with who they knew they were deep down, and how they went on to rebuild something even more successful that was rooted in their authentic energy.

Now they have never felt more alive in their business, doing the work that they know they are meant to be doing on this planet.

This conversation was full of so many juicy wisdom bombs, like how to learn from multiple mentors to carve your own path to success, and what their biggest lessons were from working with unaligned coaches early on in their careers.

They believe there is no cookie-cutter path to success and that preset “blueprints” don’t work for everyone. That’s why they teach women how to call back their power, make powerful aligned decisions, and create their life and business on their own terms.

If you've ever wanted to lead a soul-led life and create an aligned business that feels alive, then this episode is for you! These two ladies live, breathe, and embody their work and you can tell they have hearts of pure gold.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • How your relationship with the unknown impacts your success
  • How to use aligned “power pivots” in your life and business
  • What it’s like to have a best friend as a business partner

Thanks for tuning in!

About Jaclyn Shaw + Robyn Savage:

This powerhouse couple often go by Jak and Rob, otherwise known as, The Duo! Together, Jak + Rob make up the most dynamic, energetic, and powerful partnership in the coaching industry!

Jak is a wildly passionate coach + channel. She's known for taking her clients to the depths of their knowing, to their most intimate truth, where they are able to activate their authentic voice. Through her work clients develop a deep trust within themselves, and eliminate any lingering shoulds, misalignment and self sabotage so that they can unapologetically show up to lead in their power. As a human design expert, she guides her clients to step into complete energetic alignment and shows them how to access their sacred creation portal. The projector in her SEES, what you can't yet see. Together you bring it to life.

Robyn's fierce passion for storytelling + brand creation is the driving force behind helping her clients bring more of themSELVES into their lives + businesses. As an expert copywriter + content creator, her goal is to help female entrepreneurs connect with high level clients by pairing authentic communication + effective brand strategies. Her knack for bringing words to her client's big visions is helping women around the world thrive in life + business!

You can usually find them recording The Femme Podcast, coaching live inside their Wild Femmes Facebook group, or spitting raw truth + shakin' their booties over on Instagram!

You can find more about Jaclyn + Robyn at:

Instagram | Website


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