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Swadharma & Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship With Danielle Laporte


When I first came across Danielle LaPorte’s work 8 years ago, I was working at the Keg serving steaks and beer, and just knew I was meant to change the world and be of service (but not food service! Lol).

I went to an event where Danielle was speaking. I didn’t know who she was at the time, but my God, was I inspired! I didn’t know that entrepreneurship and service could look like that. I didn’t see many examples of people being as real and expressed like she was. It was so refreshing to me.

And since I’ve been following Danielle over the last 8 years, I’ve seen her work evolve, but the core of her authenticity and integrity has been there all alone.

She brings this beautiful element of duality; she brings the love and the sh*t. It was an absolute honor to have this conversation with her! We jammed on all things divinity embodied, living your purpose, and finding peace through simplicity.

She was also bold enough to share her biggest lessons from her “dark night”, almost quitting entrepreneurship, and getting off the self-help hamster wheel.

If you’ve ever wondered how to heal when you feel lost or disconnected from yourself or your purpose, then this episode is for you. Especially if you resonate with being a leader, or heart-centered entrepreneur!

In this episode, Danielle LaPorte shares:

  • What’s “Swadharma” and how it’s different from Dharma
  • The anatomy of a “Dark Night of the Soul” (and what she learned from hers)
  • The intersection between business and spirituality and how to be a heart-centered entrepreneur who dances between stillness and productivit

Thanks for tuning in!

About Danielle LaPorte

TDanielle writes and speaks about the intelligence of Love. She is the creator of The Heart Centered Membership and The Desire Map book. There are 400+ Desire Map Facilitators in 23 countries. Desire Map as a “brand” is evolving into a Heart Centered Facilitating curriculum—their first cadre of trained facilitators will be of service in the summer of 2021.

She’s a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100. Over 5 million people a month visit, which Forbes named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women”. Her podcast, With Love, Danielle ranks in iTunes’ Top 10 for wellness. Marianne Williamson has referred to her, “as a bright light in the modern priestesshood.” And one of her other heroines, V (formerly known as Eve Ensler) called her “a force field of energy, wonder, humor, and love.”

She co-creates all of her meditation decks and the Heart Centered Membership with a beloved esoteric practitioner of many spiritual traditions, V. S. Offering these practices is one of the greatest blessings of her life… along with working with a wonderful team, living in Vancouver, Canada; and being the mother of her teenage son.

You can find more about Danielle at:

Instagram | Website


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