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Solo Jam Session: How to Rest: the Importance of Downtime for Your Well-being


We live in a world right now where the force, the hustle, the go, the build, the grind, the work is glorified. And we don't spend an equal amount of time resting (and I'm not talking about sleep because for people who are like me sleep can not really be that restful — ya feel me?).

What I'm really talking about here is SOUL REST — rest for the soul. How can we soak in? How can we exhale? How can we shift gears? Like really allow ourselves to get out of the overdrive out of the do-do-do and step deeper into the be, be, be?

That's what this podcast episode is all about.

My journey of resting has been a very complicated journey because I have this part of me that is an incredibly high achiever. And I love that part of me. I love the part of me that knows how to build companies out of thin air, increase revenues and profit margins, build businesses, and build technology companies. It's very cool…

And also… this part of me is relentless and doesn't stop. There is no “off button”. I've actually named this part of me, “Pixie”. She's this inner high-achiever who just won’t stop until we get enough. Except there is no “enough” with pixie. Can you relate maybe?

In this week's episode, I talk about how I came to be in a healthier relationship with this part of me and how learning how to rest helped me recover from work addiction.

I also share with you:

  • How our inner high-achiever tries to prove our worth
  • The art of doing nothing to be more productive
  • My favorite ways to rest and relax on a soul level

If you want to learn more about how to rest, how to find ways to rest, and the importance of resting, this episode is for you!


Give it a listen, and let me know what you think!

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