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Solo Jam: How To Stop Missing the Point: Remember To Be Here Now


For so much of my life, I missed the point. I was always looking for something else, something more. I was never satisfied with what I had, and I was always caught chasing another milestone, another goal.

Have you ever been there? Distracted by the hustle and shiny objects? Focused on things that don't really matter? Or at least we THINK they matter because we have this crazy idea that once we reach the $10,000 months, once we have the cool house, once we have the car, once we’re in a relationship, THEN we'll be happy.

But the truth is, those things don't = fulfillment. And even if we do achieve them, the joy is temporary because pretty soon, we're back to chasing the next thing.

So how do we stop missing the point? How do we create more moments that truly matter and stop living from a place of fear, anxiety, and scarcity?

I'm sharing my own journey of unplugging from the “attention economy” and how I've learned to be more present in life. What I've realized is that life is made up of a series of small moments, and it's important to be present for all of them.

Whether it's playing with your niece, or spending time with friends, or enjoying a quiet moment by yourself, or eating good food with good people — these are the moments that matter most, ya feel me? These are the moments that make up our lives.

So please don't miss the point. Be present for all of the small moments, and enjoy them to the fullest. That's what life’s all about!

In this episode: I'll also be talking about:

-The importance of being present in life
– Conscious Creation: How to create your reality from infinite expansion vs. the narrow mind
– How to be present to the freedom and safety in your body
– How to relish the moment to receive more from the Universe
– How to be your highest self no matter your circumstances.
– How to shift your energy to what matters most when you get distracted

Tune in to remember how to be here now and be present to what matters most.

Hope you enjoy this episode!

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