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Living in Happiness After Difficult Times with Amy Brown


It's no secret that life can be hard. We all go through difficult times – it's how we respond to those challenges that determine our happiness and success. In this episode, we're talking with Amy Brown about how to live in happiness after difficult times. Listen in as we discuss facing hard things, the importance of intentional connection, and how to use difficult times as fuel for growth.

When things are tough, it can be easy to feel like we're alone. But the truth is, we're never really alone. There are always people there for us if we only reach out and connect with them. Intentional connection is key during difficult times – it helps us feel supported and understood.

And remember – tough times don't last forever. They may be challenging, but they can also be a catalyst for growth. When we face difficulty head-on, it often allows us to do good in the world in ways we never thought possible. So let's not shy away from hard times – let's embrace them and learn from them!

If you're ready to start living a happier life, this episode is for you. Listen now and learn how to truly live – with connection and joy, even when things are tough.

In this episode, Amy Brown shares more on:

  • Conversations on the fear of abandonment and intimacy
  • Eating Disorder recovery, adoption, and parenthood
  • Contemplating death to live life to the fullest

About Amy Brown

Amy Brown is co-host of The Bobby Bones Show, iHeartMedia’s award-winning Country radio show. Broadcasting live from Nashville, the program reaches millions of listeners on nearly 140 stations in the U.S. and Canada and is also heard nationally via iHeartRadio, iHeartMedia’s all-in-one streaming music and live digital radio service. Airing weekday mornings from 5 to 10 a.m. CT, hosts Bobby Bones, Lunchbox and Amy welcome the biggest names in Country music and entertain listeners with their unique mix of pop-culture news and information, crazy stunts and hilarious conversations.

Amy also hosts The Women of iHeart Country and The Country Top 30 with Bones. She also launched her podcast, “4 Things with Amy Brown” with Nashville’s Podcast Network, and it's available through iHeart Radio. The podcast focuses on four topic points centered around health and wellness and includes friends and celebrity guests each episode.

Amy is the recipient of a CMA Award, multiple ACM Awards, and the prestigious Gracie Award honoring women in media.

To learn more about Amy Brown, visit his website or social media:

Website: /
Instagram: @radioamy


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