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Anxious & Avoidant Attachment Theory In Relationships With Dr. Morgan Anderson


On this episode of the Sam Skelly Show, Dr. Morgan Anderson joins us to talk about anxious and avoidant attachment theory in relationships. And how to create secure, happy and healthy relationships by understanding and applying this theory.

If you're not familiar with attachment theory, it basically states that depending on our childhood upbringing, we will have a tendency to either be anxious or avoidant in our attachments to others. And that these tendencies can show up in our intimate relationships later in life.

If you find yourself attracted to emotionally unavailable partners or always seem to self-sabotage your relationships, then this episode is for you. Dr. Morgan shares how we can begin to heal our abandonment wounds and create healthy, secure attachments in our intimate relationships.

So if you're ready to learn more about anxious and avoidant attachment theory and how to apply it in your own life, then tune in now!

And I’ll give ya a heads up, you’re basically gonna have a sneak peak into a personal therapy session hahahah. I LOVED picking her brain and getting her perspective on my last two relationships. My current relationship feels so freakin' safe and healthy, yet I'll be honest, sometimes I'm the one that runs avoidant attachment patterns 10% of the time. And then in my last relationship, I was addicted to a man who ran a lot of extremely avoidant attachment patterns. I kept trying to win his love and approval by putting his needs before my own. Then when we did break up after a year and half, he finally told me he loved me for the first time – what's up with that? (you better believe I asked Dr. Morgan! LOL)

Maybe you can relate to my story? Maybe you’ve been addicted to the highs and lows of an emotionally insecure relationship? And now you’re craving some sexy, secure, sustainable love in your dynamics?

In any case, I think you'll find this conversation with Dr. Morgan to be super helpful and eye-opening (and you’ll enjoy a peek behind the curtain of my personal love life).

In this episode, Dr. Morgan Anderson dives deeper on:

  • How to stop dating emotionally unavailable people
  • How to apply attachment theory in relationships and dating
  • How to recognize and begin to heal an abandonment wound
  • How anxious and avoidant attachment styles show up in intimacy
  • How to ask for your needs to be met in your relationships
  • What to do when you're into personal growth and your partner isn't
  • What it looks like to go from an anxious or avoidant attachment style to a secure relationship
  • How to stop repeating unconscious patterns from your past

P.S. If any of that resonated with you, then I think you'll love this conversation! Dr. Morgan is so knowledgeable and really breaks things down in a way that's easy to understand. So if you're ready to learn more about anxious and avoidant attachment theory and how to create healthy, secure attachments in your relationships, then tune in now!

About Dr. Morgan Anderson

Known for being a fun, fearless, honest, and committed individual, Dr. Morgan is a clinical psychologist, relationship coach, and host of the popular “Let’s Get Vulnerable” podcast. After finding herself in a cycle of unhealthy relationships years ago, she knew that women, just like her, needed a clear path to attracting healthy relationships and embodying secure attachment. Through the combination of NLP, cognitive behavioral therapy, and attachment theory science Dr. Morgan has helped 100 plus women rewire their brain for healthy, securely attached love through her Empowered.Secure.Loved. (E.S.L.) Relationship Program.

To learn more about Dr. Morgan Anderson, visit his website or social media:

Instagram: @drmorgancoaching


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