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How To Create Time Freedom As An Entrepreneur With Dan Martell

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I had the opportunity to sit down with one of my dear friends, Dan Martel, who I consider kind of an unofficial mentor. Over the years, Eric and I have watched Dan on his business and family-building journey, and it's been SO inspirational to us. I feel it in my core.

In this candid conversation, I got to sit down with Dan and talk to him about how to buy back your time as a CEO or entrepreneur. This episode is a little different than what we normally have on the show because it's more geared towards entrepreneurs and people building companies who feel lost in the rat race of all of the “to-do's”. But I just know it's a SUPER valuable conversation for many of you because Dan is a master at supporting people to get OUT of their businesses so that they have more freedom and time to do the things they love and get back to the reason why they started the business in the first place.

About a year and a half ago… I could have really used Dan's advice. During that time, I felt so inundated with tasks and to-dos, and like I had built myself a really intense job that was no longer feeling fun. If you're in a similar spot, I know Dan's words of wisdom are going to be super helpful. So many of you are on a business-building journey yourself, and it can feel really intense sometimes. I hope you LOVE Dan's frameworks and the way he thinks about business as much as I do. He has some truly unique insights on how to buy back your time and make sure you're taking care of yourself and your relationships along the way. Enjoy!

In this episode, here's what Dan Martell and I cover:

  • Dan's empowering beliefs about time
  • What the “buy back principle” is
  • How to hire the right people to buy back our time
  • His journey from working 100 hour weeks and having his fiance leave him, to transforming his relationship to time and creating space for a well-balanced life.
  • How to change your approach to business, get more time back, and have a higher quality of life as an entrepreneur
  • Understanding the “Pain Line” and how to avoid it so you don't stop growing in life and business
  • Letting go of addictions and the belief that growth has to be “hard.”
  • Inspiration on how to be wealthy without having your life fall apart
  • The pitfalls of using vices like alcohol or food as “rewards” for working hard
  • His journey of becoming a father and being the first generation to quit drinking in his lineage
  • A morning reflection ritual to do better next time
  • The importance of shifting your energy when giving feedback to others so that it can land better
  • More on the three problems the “Pain Line” creates in your business: stalling, sabotage, and selling
  • How to do a time audit on yourself, transfer tasks to the right person, and fill your time with high-leverage activities (so you can be more efficient at making money)
  • The role that skills, mindset, and relationships play in optimizing your time
  • How to play the “Who, Not How” Game
  • The power of fitness and working out with your business partners
  • How to leverage “Founders Dinners” to grow your network and net worth
  • 4 simple ways to leverage your time as an entrepreneur
  • How to structure your content so that it drives the most results
  • How to do powerful storytelling in your business and marketing to make your content more powerful
  • How to rewire your whole life through the power of decision
  • The importance of discipline when it comes to personal freedom
  • How to make aligned business decisions without getting overtaken by your feelings
  • The role clarity, vision, and discipline play in moving forward
  • Why you should change your state and vibration before creating content
  • Tips for raising your vibration (some might surprise you!)

About Dan Martell

Dan Martell is an entrepreneur, angel investor, thought leader, and highly sought-after coach in the SaaS, or software as a service, industry. He founded, scaled, and successfully exited three technology companies within a ten-year period. In 2012 he was named Canada’s top angel investor, having invested in more than 50 start-ups, such as Intercom, Udemy, and Unbounce. In 2016, Martell founded the SaaS Academy and grew it to become one of the largest coaching companies in the world. He’s also an Ironman athlete, philanthropist, husband, and father of two incredible boys.

Instagram: @danmartell



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