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Navigating Business, Marriage & Soul Purpose With Azrya Bequer


I had the opportunity in this episode to sit down with one of my friends, Azrya Bequer. We got to talking about human transformation and birthing our soul-led creative visions and how we are our very own science experiment. We also touched on how the pain and suffering we experience in our bodies can actually come with a flip side of pleasure. All we have to do is move into those spaces with ease and grace and open up to something greater than ourselves.

We also talked about how we can truly liberate stuck energy and density in our bodies to experience more ease and freedom, plus what it truly means to sit in the duality of being both human and connected to something greater.

If you're looking to dive deep into soul purpose, your true essence, and inspiration on birthing your creative vision, this episode is definitely for you. Dive in and join us as we unravel stories of transformation, soul-led action, and how we can make our lives more meaningful by connecting with our truest expression.

Here are some topics Azrya and I dove deeper into:

  • Moving beyond chasing happiness and into embodied aliveness (and a full spectrum of emotions).
  • the birthing process that's making Azrya feel most alive right now.
  • How she sources her inspiration from beyond the 5 senses.
  • Her experience of feeling like something is being created through her and how she surrenders to the commitments her soul has already made.
  • The way she practices getting out of her own way.
  • Her advice for people who know they have a connection to another realm but don't feel fully embodied in it yet.
  • Her take on the three stages of expressing your Truest Essence.
  • Why she's moved away from seeing spirituality as a “transcendence model.”
  • How to quiet the noise of the mind to access deeper internal wisdom and the voice of your truth.
  • The importance of “emptying out” before consuming more content or stimulus from around you.
  • The role breathwork plays in loosening stuck energy.
  • What “spaciousness” looks like spiritually and practically.
  • How to handle the feelings of urgency while growing a business or creative vision.
  • The importance of removing distractions that deplete our life force.
  • The power of doing nothing when you feel like you have a million things to do.
  • The dance between rest and work and the cost of taking a day off (or not).
  • A “cheat code” for when you feel resistant to doing work tasks that need to get done.
  • Candid talks about the “Spiritual Self” becoming the voice of shame and judgment because “you're not doing enough meditation, yoga, gratitude, etc.”.
  • How she went from living paycheck to paycheck as a struggling artist to building a vast body of transformational work for purpose-driven leaders that came to her through an Ayashauca vision.
  • How she hit a glass ceiling because she was hyper in her feminine, and how she called in a grounded masculine partner in business and marriage.
  • Her journey of writing “Beqoming” with her now husband and business partner (and how this book has been described as a cross between “The Four Agreements,” “50 Shades of Grey”, and “The Surrender Experiment” all in one… sounds super JUICY if ya ask me!)
  • Why collaboration and community are so important in birthing a vision, and the lessons she learned about clearing assumptions before collaborating with others.
  • How she learned to navigate being both in business and romance with her husband.
  • How the concept of “Energetic Agility” has helped her to transition consciously between Alpha and Omega energy as needed in business and marriage (sometimes referred to as “Masculine” and “Feminine” energy).
  • And SO much more!

About Azrya Bequer

Azrya is a radical truth-seeker and risk-taker, always willing to abandon her comfort zone in pursuit of being fully activated and in service to the intelligence of life. A free-spirit, artist and performer at heart, Azrya made the move from Germany to Hollywood at 21 and has since segued her decade in the entertainment industry into sharing her learnings through writing, filmmaking, and speaking. She uses her razor-sharp intuitive gifts and unflinching willingness to illuminate the shadow to coach high-impact individuals through accelerated, personal transformation, guiding them to develop greater awareness over their internal state and spiritual connection through utilizing a broad variety of modalities including shamanic, plant medicine ceremonies. She is a co-founding steward and co-author at BEQOMING, a platform dedicated to providing the future stewards of society with the emotional intelligence tools to elevate humanity and co-create a more beautiful world. Areas of Expertise: Visioning, Curriculum Design, Coaching, Medicine Integration

To learn more about Azrya Bequer, visit her website or social media:

Instagram: @azryabequer



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