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Getting back to the basics of our health, mindset and body can create real happiness in our life. In this episode, I was joined by musician, meditation advocate and entrepreneur, Nick Broadhurst. Nick shared the tools and strategies that he uses to forge his own path to happiness. We discuss how people can truly seek out sustainable happiness in their life. He talks about optimizing your masculine and feminine energy, powerful life lessons he’s learned and how you can have a thriving relationship with someone who isn’t willing to do personal development work.

About Nick Broadhurst:

After the successful release of his debut album ‘Thank You’ with over 16 million streams, Nick returns with his long-awaited next single ‘Inner Love’. Like his music, there are many layers to Nick Broadhurst. He’s a singer. A songwriter. A former member of Sneaky Sound System. A meditation advocate, visual artist, entrepreneur, polymath, performer, father and husband. Uniting these varied accomplishments is the driving force behind all his work: the pure expression of creativity through music and sharing his most vulnerable moments in life.

Inside this episode, Nick shares:

  • How nature and connection makes Nick feel most alive
  • His transition from a musician to working in real estate
  • Three of the most powerful lessons he learned 
  • How to have a thriving relationship with someone who isn’t willing to grow
  • The challenges of a conscious relationship duo
  • How to begin to optimize your natural masculine and feminine energy 
  • Why people use creative distractions to avoid doing the work

You can find more about Nick at:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Spotify


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