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We all struggle with relationships at some point in our lives. Whether you are choosing emotionally unavailable partners, avoiding conflict over the fear of being alone, not asking yourself what you actually desire in your relationship or whatever else  – we all deal with it. Today I was joined by Jayson Gaddis, the Founder of The Relationship School. He shares how you can use conflicts to grow through your relationship and the strength you can find in being vulnerable with your partner. He talks about some of the biggest mistakes he’s seen in his work that mess up relationships and how to know if you should move on from a relationship with someone based on their actions. If you’ve been longing for some guidance in your relationship then this episode is for you. 

About Jayson Gaddis:

Jayson Gaddis, author, podcaster, speaker, entrepreneur, is the Founder of The Relationship School, an impact-based company dedicated to helping people work out their differences and have fulfilling long-term partnerships. He is on a mission to reach 1,000,000 teens and young adults with formal relationship education. He's the creator of Interpersonal Intelligence and trains people on how to be relational leaders and coaches. He's been married since 2007 and has 2 beautiful kids.  

Inside this episode, Jayson shares:

  • Why so many women choose emotionally unavailable men
  • How he used pain to avoid relationships and responsibilities
  • What it really means to find “the one” and his experience with meeting his wife 
  • How to grow through conflicts in relationships
  • Using the NEST meditation to check-in with yourself
  • How to know if it’s worth it to keep trying in a relationship or move on
  • Keeping open communication and shared reality to get on the same page
  • Why many people avoid necessary conversations in their relationship
  • Asking yourself what you actually want in your relationship
  • The biggest things that mess up relationships
  • Having open, honest and vulnerable conversations around sex
  • Using present-centered dialogues to deal with intimacy issues
  • Accepting your partner for who they truly are and the power of unconditional love
  • Jayson’s stance on polyamorous relationships and why monogamy is not the problem 

You can find more about Jayson at:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Smart Couple Podcast  


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