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Are you ready for a spiritual awakening? So many people are unnecessarily suffering because they aren’t consciously aware of the light in the world. Today’s guest, Claudia Navone is the author of The Shapeshifter and a teacher of consciousness. She shares how to align yourself with the universe so you can see the light, the power you can find in your own power of creation, and how to overcome pressures and limitations to reach your truth. This episode will inspire you to stop suffering from disempowerment and transform your energy (and use it as a guide to find where you’re meant to be).

About Claudia Navone:

Since childhood, Claudia has inhabited the dreams of many becoming firstly a ballerina and then a fashion editor of many illustrious publications such as Elle, The Sunday Time and Harperʼs Bazaar. Following a spontaneous and powerful spiritual awakening in 2006, Claudia is now an author and teacher of consciousness. She is a Mentor of the Divine University, a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds, supporting humanity to embrace their highest potential.  

Inside this episode, Claudia shares:

  • How giving to others makes Claudia feel most alive
  • What Claudia’s spiritual awakening was and what this meant for her
  • Aligning yourself with the universe so you can see the light in a clearer way
  • Bringing in cosmic energy for transformation 
  • Why Claudia is an advocate for conscious awakening
  • How everything you need is coming to you 
  • Learning to dig deep and be honest with yourself
  • Claudia’s soul curriculum and how this led her to write her book
  • The pressures and limitations that you face before reaching your truth
  • Using meditation to help still your mind and lessen anxiety
  • The power in your own power of creation and the family of light
  • Why so many people are suffering from disempowerment

You can find more about Claudia at:

Website | Facebook | Instagram  


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