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The connection between anger and addiction isn’t something we can sweep under the rug. It’s clear that these have a direct correlation with each other and that’s something I talked about with today’s guest Karen Salmansohn. Suppressed anger in our body can cause us to want to numb and distract ourselves from it, which for Karen translated into food addiction. Today we talk about tangible tools to help with overcoming addiction and anxiety plus how you can start to forgive yourself from the things that you’ve felt shame around. She shares strategies to help bring yourself to a place of wellbeing even with the heightened anxiety of today’s world and how to lean into the contractions of life so we can enjoy the beauty on the other side. 

About Karen Salmansohn:

Karen Salmansohn is a former stressed-out advertising Senior VP and award-winning designer turned healthy living expert, bestselling author, and book designer, as well as longevity research geek and teacher at ISHTA Yoga. Her new book Instant Calm was written to share her “short, simple meditations for people who don't have time to meditate” - the people who need to relax the most.

Inside this episode, Karen shares:

  • How the people she loves make her feel most alive
  • Leaning into contractions so you can enjoy the beauty on the other side of it
  • Why Karen has a desire to help the world through her work
  • Why people’s childhood programming leads to a resistance of going after what’s good for them
  • How many people self-sabotage and “keep down with the Joneses” to maintain their masochistic equilibrium 
  • Dealing with and overcoming her food addiction
  • Triggers that were causing her to go in the hypnotic state and overeat
  • Her work with forgiveness therapy and learning to forgive herself
  • How you can start to forgive yourself
  • Strategies to bring yourself back into a place of wellbeing during a time of heightened anxiety 

You can find more about Karen at:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


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