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The Danger In Not 'Feeling Enough'

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“I’ve got your back,” we say, confirming we will stick through, thick and thin with the ones we love. We are so quick to create a support system for others, we will do anything and be anything for the ones in our lives we care about most.
It’s human nature for us to feel connected, we crave it – we are on a constant subconscious hunt to deepen the connection we have to those in our lives. We anchor in this connection by voicing our level of commitment we have to each other constantly.
This right here is a beautiful thing.
Studies have shown, the quality of our lives is reflective of the quality and depth of our relationships. When we create deep, enriched connections – that energy speculates into every area of our lives raising our levels of happiness.
An element we are quick to overlook is having the same amount of care with the connection we have with ourselves.
We are quick to dismiss the importance of inner connection and value external connection first – because it's more tangible and because there is an instant ‘return’ in our efforts of creating that connection.
This is where we are missing the point.
The amount we are able to connect with our souls and bodies is directly proportionate to the amount we are able to connect with others.
If we fundamentally decide to ruthlessly trust, love and have our own back, our capacity to provide that for others is equal.
This then is a conversation of self-acceptance. “Do you fundamentally accept yourself enough to develop a connection with yourself?”
Perhaps you’re in a state of denial – you shun parts of you, tuck them away and distract yourself with shiny objects that distance you from looking within.
One glance in the mirror can create a clusterfuck of negative dialogue in your mind – you suppress it, ignore it and move on.
This suppression of emotion manifests, it grows, makes itself known and has the potential to perpetuate behaviour that aims to numb the emotion.
AND, the most common ‘go to’ to numb this emotion? Food – today’s most acceptable (and widely used) drug.
When you overeat and say to yourself ‘why can’t I just eat like a normal person?’ let’s change this to ‘why can’t I just accept myself?'
You darling, are a child of a universe. The beauty you see in nature is the beauty that is within, there is no difference. Next time you connect with nature, notice it’s beauty – keep in mind, that beauty also resides in you.
Take a moment and let that sink in.
‘The beauty I see in nature is the beauty within me’
It’s simply a reflection of your inner beauty.
Let’s start here – for what we focus on expands. When you consciously feel into this, day after day – the connection with self is inevitable.
It’s time to have your own back – enough is enough – are you enough
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