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Identifying Protectors

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We all have protectors. We developed them in the early stages of our lives, as children, to protect us and keep us safe. As children, we can become easily overwhelmed, but at such a young age, we do not have the skills or experience at our disposal to protect ourselves. So we begin to create defensive strategies, or protectors, to keep us safe. 
Protectors can be with us for our entire life. We tend to unconsciously use them when we feel overwhelmed, stressed out, or when we’re scared or in distress. Here are some common protectors:

You can identify your protectors by listening to your thoughts and observing your actions. Protectors are usually enacted when we are triggered. Notice when you are triggered and then how you respond. That will give you insight into your personal protectors. It’s important not to shame or fight your protectors, instead, observe them and thank them. 
Over time, once you are aware of your protectors and what triggers them, you will begin to see that you are much more powerful than you give yourself credit for, and you will rely less and less on your protectors.

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