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What Are Your Anchors

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What are your anchors?
Since I was about 5, I’ve had an obsession with anchors. Anchor everything. Jewelry, shoes, bags, bedroom decorations – the whole works.  Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a family that always had a boat, or the fact I’m a Pisces – not too sure, but I’ve always had a distinct attachment to the symbol.
For me, symbolically there is nothing more concrete, sturdy and grounding. As I grew, I began to associate certain things to my symbolic relationship with anchors. And today – I use the anchor symbol to keep me grounded, accountable and truthful to myself.  It helps me to set my intentions.
Through the oceans of life, we are often knocked, swayed and get drifted by distractions which lead us to places we don’t belong. Without a firm understanding of who we are, and where we need to go, we can easily be swayed.
Personally, I am slowly but surely beginning to know my anchors and build on them. I know when I’m being pulled into a direction that isn’t in complete alliance with my goals, morals and values. When I sway from my anchors I can feel it in my body; shoulders rise, and there is that ever-so-recognizable pit in my stomach (you know the one!)
Anchors help guide you by keeping you on track to how you want to feel. We constantly make decisions to feel a certain way. We get a boyfriend because we want to feel different, we buy a dress because it creates a different feeling. We are run by feelings, we chase them – and often, they are all the wrong ones.
Anchors can be goals you set for yourself, non-negotiable goals. One of mine is meditating daily. When I deny myself from this, I feel less connected, less aware and less calm. Meditation is one of my anchors. Another is sleep, making sure I get 8 hours of sleep a night so I can work at full capacity and contribute optimally. My best anchor is my daily sweating promise. I’ve made a promise to sweat at least once a day – whether that is through yoga, running, swimming, lifting weights or having crazy dance parties in my kitchen (that happens A LOT!) I promise myself to sweat once a day. Lastly – my anchor of self-love. Asking questions which probe whether my actions are supporting or denying my self-love. It’s amazing and inspiring how you can answer your own questions better than anyone else.
Anchors cannot be taken away from you, they are constant and do not change due to external factors. Anchors are the pillars of life. We are the only ones who can add to our anchors or destroy them. You have the POWER. It’s an inside-out job…
You can start with one anchor, and progressively build, start now – start small, just START!
So tell me? What are your anchors?

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