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Am I An Emotional Eater?

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Here’s a question I get all the time… Am I an emotional eater? And there’s a lot that goes into the answer. But we always start with the same follow up question… What is your intention behind consumption?

To really answer these questions, you have to get real with yourself. You have to be willing to get honest, even when you don’t want to hear or feel the truth. But it’s the only way to begin creating healing.

So, Am I an emotional eater? Well, does your body need or want the food that you’re eating? Or are you attempting to hide behind this food as a way to avoid an emotional issue that you need to sit with, be with, and appreciate?

Ask yourself, what am I actually hungry for?

There’s a reason behind why we do anything. The hunger cue from your body means that it needs something. The anxiety cue from your body means that it needs something. In the case of anxiety, your brain goes straight into action and tries to keep you ‘safe’ by numbing the emotion. But maybe there’s a part of you that is aching for attention and it’s showing up as anxiety in your body…

And maybe that hunger cue from your body is a call for you to listen to what she is saying. One of the single most important things that you can learn on your journey to healing and happiness is the difference between what your body is telling you, and what your emotionality is telling you.

Am I an emotional eater? This question can only be answered from the space within you that is in tune with your body, aligned with what it needs, and trusting in what it wants. Instead of coming from a place of shame and blame for your relationship to your food and body, you have to come from a place of self-honoring and self-loving (all that self-love work isn't for nothing).

Remember, shame isn’t the way… Only love.

Am I an emotional eater?

This question can’t be answered with what the diet and weight loss industry force feed down our throats. It can only be answered when we take a deep look at ourselves and bring our darkness to the light so that we can transform it. The answer lies in your ability and willingness to see it for what it is. Are you using food as a drug? Or as a way to nourish your body and bring life to it? Are you using food as a way to numb yourself from feeling and forget? Or as a way to create well-being in your body?

I built Hungry for Happiness with the intention of helping every single person on this planet realize their God-given right to not have food and body be the big thing that they struggle with. Too many people think it’s the food, they think it’s their body, they think it’s all of these external things but it’s not.

The truth is that there are parts of us that need love and validation.

And the Hungry for Happiness mission is to support you in unveiling these parts of you so that you can end your battle with food and body. So, if you’re one of the many struggling with their food and body, I wrote my new book for you.

I’ve answered the question ‘am I an emotional eater?’ and I’ve helped thousands of women do the same. That felt sense of clarity and love is what your body craves from you. 

Are you going to give it to her? 

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