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How to Derail Binge Eating, for Good

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What do you fear when it comes to food?
Everyone is so different. Food fears are a real thing – they keep us paralyzed, they keep us stuck in a place where we are fighting to escape. It's a vicious cycle of binge eating, dieting, failing dieting – and binge eating again. Oh and the worst thing? You think you're all alone.
Social gathers become a chore (oh, shit – here comes Christmas)
All inclusive holidays (forget it)
Why is it so damn hard to break up our battle with food?
It's because you're doing it wrong.
Trying to constantly ‘fix' your battle with food isn't going to create change. You're going to become overwhelmed and frustrated.
It actually has nothing to do with the food.
Yes – Binge Eating has nothing to do with food. You're filing an emotional void, there is an emotion that you are craving and aren't meeting at a fundamental level.
What is the emotion you are trying to fill with food? Listen to find out.
Here are two podcasts I recorded recently that I know will help you out a lot. Check them out and let me know how they helped your fight with food.
The Divine Lifestyles Podcast with Tara Magalski – Click to listen
The WOW Collective Podcast with Nardia Norman – Click to listen

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