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Are you haunted by body shame?

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I want to share with you a personal story (yup, that's how I roll – getting down and dirty right off the bat)

I don't do this with boys, don't worry. (sorry mom)
A few years ago I was in a real struggle. One that haunted me with insane amounts of shame and guilt, one that up until recently I wouldn't tell some of my closest friends.
I was in a fight with myself. I was in a fight with my body. I was in a fight with food.
Each day I would be obsessing, analyzing and planning out every single meal and every single workout I was going to do. If I didn't complete what I had planned or I fell short, I would self sabotage and ruin my entire day.
Being a social butterfly, I was forced to be around food all the time, which didn't help matters at all.
I had to resist the temptation to inhale the whole plate of brownies while no one was looking – it was that kind of thing.
I then realized that food wasn't the problem. There was a much deeper issue and void I was using food to fill.
I was using food as a drug, a coping mechanism – a release.
I then embarked on a 3 year journey to repair the relationship I had to food and to myself.
My life goal now is to help women and men all over the world who are going through this same struggle and help end their battle with food and their bodies.
My goal is to give people FREE information so they too can live lives free of the diet and binge struggle.
In fact, tomorrow I am going to do just that. Yes, I am going to give you one of my BEST products – the ONE thing that I did to literally save my life and help me end the struggle with food and my body.
I want this relationship to start out great, so I want to WOW you with lots of free goodies to help you really see the light.
Sound good?
Cool, I'm going to start by answering the question from yesterday….
‘What causes binge eating?'
One of the biggest things I see in my clients is Fear of Future Deprivation. They are simply terrified that they won't get their fill and their needs won't be met.
When our essential needs are not met it triggers binge eating – we will dive deep into this in the next couple days.

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