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Are you up for a dare?

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I dare you.
I dare you to mimic the perceived perfectionism on Instagram. I dare you to live your life according to the standards of others, you know the ones, the ones with the ‘perfect' lives.
I dare you to try.
I say try because you’ll never reach that benchmark. I am not saying this to dull down your dream, I’m not saying this to be a hard ass, I’m saying this to give you a reality check and forewarn you that setting those benchmarks will lead you to a life of disappointment, discouragement and distraught.
I’m sure I can speak for everyone here when I say our main goal in life is to achieve a state happiness according to our personal standards, right?
Comparison kills. Comparing your body, your life, your career, your home or your boyfriend/girlfriend to the staged ‘perfections’ you scroll through on Instagram isn’t improving your happiness. We crave happiness – we just sometimes just take a path that leads to disappointment and deprivation. That's ok – it's human nature.
I dare you to be happy. I dare you to find your unique beauty, your personal perfection. Because guess what – you are perfect, every ounce of you – every last drop. Where along the line did you forget this? Did somebody tell you otherwise? Well, if they did – I am here to tell you that you are perfect…
You're Perfectly Imperfect.
Why does this make me so excited with an slight edge of pain? Because I know, FOR CERTAIN – every moment you waste depriving yourself, postponing your life and riding the self hate roller coaster, you could be living a beautiful and vibrant life.
THAT is why.
I dare you to slowly let go of comparisons today, you’ll thank me for it later. Rather than looking for what you are missing in your life, take a look and notice all you have. I promise you; you'll find massive abundance.
I dare you to wake up, and instead of saying ‘I Hate My Body, I Feel Gross' say ‘Thank You, Thank You For Being A Beautiful Vessel Guiding Me Through This Life'.
I dare you <3
Photography by Chelsey Luren Photography
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